The men’s ministry of the City of David parish is the place you want to be as a man. All men from the age of 25 and above (married, unmarried, divorced, widower, father) are welcome to be part of this unique ministry. This unique fellowship of brethren creates the platform for men to hear the word of God and how it applies to very practical areas of their lives. The 21st century man is one who is busy trying to cope with the pressures of caring and providing for family, pressure of work and serving in the community or church. However, in the midst of our busy and tight schedules, it is imperative that Christian men have the time to fellowship and share amongst themselves.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity

Psalms 133:1
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As a fellowship, we believe that God has inputted in every man in our church gifts, talents, skills and abilities needed for this material time to impact our world. And by leading strongly on the home front and making our individual family units a true representation of the relationship the church has with Christ, this can be achieved. Our purpose includes; encouraging, uplifting, informing and enjoying this Christian journey together as brethren. Just as “iron sharpens iron” the Men’s Fellowship is created to help us be all that we are purposed and called to be in God’s kingdom.

Our Vision is to build godly men, relationships and enhance spiritual maturity through mentoring, building godly families, prayers and through the word of God.


Through programs with clear missions such as our monthly men’s breakfast meeting, seminars, talk shows, personal counseling sessions, picnics and sporting events, brethren are taught to:

  • Love, worship and honour God with their lifestyles
  • Become the priest of their homes
  • Lead their families according to the Bible
  • Enjoy fellowship with other brethren
  • Become accountable and submit to spiritual authority
  • Become industrious, entrepreneurial and kingdom financiers
  • Get involved and committed in the church
  • Utilize their God embedded talents and gifts to better humanity
  • Establish and maintain good work ethics
  • Cultivate healthy lifestyles and be the total man indeed

We believe that you will find this fellowship instrumental (and at the very least, helpful) in your Christian maturity, development and fulfillment of God’s mandate for your life.