The church is the house of God and because we serve a God who is not the author of confusion, but a God who is orderly and organized, it is therefore pertinent that church services are well organized and order is duly observed. The ushering and protocol unit of the church is one that is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring orderliness, security and the smooth running of church services. The ushers are seen as the extension of the Pastors’ hand as they provide the first impression of the church and the ministry of the Pastor. Overall, we ensure that worshippers always have a good worship experience every time they are in church.

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness

Psalms 84:10
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Omobolaji Oke – Head, Ushering and Protocol Ministry

The purpose of the ushering and protocol unit of the church is to help everyone that comes into our church have an impactful and refreshing worship experience, also to joyfully minister the love of Christ to all while ensuring orderliness and rendering top notch service to all without discrimination.

Our motivation and inspiration is our Lord Jesus Christ who condescended to being a bond-servant, setting aside the glory and splendour that was due him and humbled Himself to the point of death – Phil.2:7. Hence, with joy in our hearts, we take care of the house of God by engaging in cleaning and sanitation, ushering during ministrations, spiritual preparation through pre-service prayers and seeking the interest of others first during church programs. As ushers, we serve with utmost love, compassion, empathy and deep concern.

If you feel led to join this dynamic service team, you are highly welcome to join us.


  • Routine protocol duties within and around the church premises during services and meetings
  • Manning the church entrance and church auditorium
  • Identifying visiting ministers, special guests, church visitors and ensuring they are attended to appropriately
  • Logistics and formalities during special programs
  • Creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere during church meetings
  • Welcome worshippers, usher them to their seats, show kindness and care to those in need of physical support
  • Ensure orderliness during church meetings and distribution of church materials such as leaflets, program of meetings and handbills
  • Offering and tithe collection